What is your purpose in life? What has you get up every day and keeps your adrenaline pumping? In my last blog I talked about my vision around people’s ability to make choices. Remembering that we have the ability to make choice is the first step in creating the life of your dreams. The second step is making choices that are in alignment with your purpose.

Have you ever done something that got you so excited that you couldn’t stop the activity or lose all track of time? What made you so purposeful in your task? If you can find out what your purpose for a task is, when you are faced with making choices, especially when they are hard choices, it will be much easier to make the choice that is in alignment with your purpose. As you get clearer with your purpose, the path that you are on towards your desired destiny will become clearer. You will see that the choices may not be harder, or choices that may have seemed difficult may not be as difficult before. You won’t feel as though you’re a victim anymore. You will know that the choices you are making are moving you towards your desired outcome.

Once you stop swimming against your purpose, and start swimming with your purpose, life won’t seem so tough. Things will fall into alignment with your purpose. You will have more energy and things that seemed unattainable or out of reach will seem closer and appear much easier than they did before. A purpose doesn’t have to be a large overarching life purpose either. It can be as simple as my purpose is in writing this post. My purpose in writing this post is to share with you, the reader, tools to create awareness resourcefulness and energy in your life. Because I’m clear with my purpose I can complete my task, get my blog finished and posted. I don’t have to worry about how it looks or is it ‘right.’ As long as I’ve shared with you my tools then I’m fulfilling my purpose.

So I challenge you, the next time you’re faced with making difficult choices, or you feel like your swimming against the current, get very clear with yourself about what your purpose is and make your choices so that they are in alignment with your purpose. You’ll be amazed at how much energy you create!

Until my next blog, have an energetic day in alignment with your purpose!

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