Have you ever wanted to do something but weren’t sure where to begin or if you should? If you’re like me, you may be the analytical type and you seek lots of information before making a decision. Maybe you aren’t sure where to begin or how to begin. You have been looking around for answers or for someone to tell you the easy, 1,2,3 steps to getting it done. Maybe you want to know what the outcome will be to minimize all of the risks before jumping in with both feet.

Have you searched high and low for all the available data to diminish the risks, to know the outcomes, so you could take the first step. Maybe if you talk to one more person they will have one more piece of insight or advice that will help you take that first step. But realistically, what is stopping you from actually doing what you want, from taking that first step? Is having all the information really going to take away all the risks or going to give you all the answers? The reality is, it won’t.

So, how do you get over the hurdle of wanting to reduce the risks while you seek information, and still take the first step towards what you seek. Simple, take an initial step towards your desired outcome. Once you have taken that initial step, you can then analyze your results. Are you getting your desired outcome? If you are, great, keep moving forward. If your not, great, you can change your direction. Without taking some type of action, you will never know what outcome your choices will make. So, take a step, and then ask yourself, what are my results?

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