Do you ever jump into something with the best intentions and then fall flat on your face shortly thereafter? So as you have probably noticed, I haven’t been blogging, in oh, longer than a year. Of course when I started I had the best of intentions to blog at least once a week, then once a month, and eventually it trailed off to, well seems like never.

So I’m back, with a new and improved plan for blogging on a regular basis. Of course that is the conversation that I’ve had with myself, every week for the last six months. So what was different today that I actually sat down, wrote and posted this blog?

Well after reviewing my previous posts, my posts on ‘Got it … Lost it,’ it reminded me to ‘get it’ again, and if I ‘lose it,’ I can always ‘find it’ again. So here I am, finding my writers groove and posting again. So I remind you the reader, what have you said over and over again, and maybe tried over and over again, with the best of intentions, that you were surely going to do this time.

For me, this time, I had to have no plan. I just had to write and post. Action was my first step this time. Not inaction or planning. So, what can you do today, right now that you have been saying you’re going to do with the best of intentions. Put your best intention into action, I just did, and now I’m blogging again.

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