Got It!!! …. Lost It!!!

Ever feel like you had it but somewhere along your journey in life you lost it? As Lou Dozier would say, “Got it … Lost it.” Somehow in the cycle of life we have these moments in life where everything is going great, and we are trucking along, then we look up, and we are off course again. I’ve decided to call it the “got it, lost it” effect.

What in your life did you have at one point, but now that you have been trucking down the road of life, you realize somewhere along the journey you took a detour, and you’re a little off course? Have you lost it forever? Is it something that you can get back easily? Can you get your truck back on the road?

I would assert that you can easily get back on your chosen path quickly and easily. It only takes two things, the first the choice to get back on your path, and the second, committed action to what you want. Once you’re aware you’re off track, it’s easy to make the choice to say you want to get back on track. So that leaves committed action to your choice.

Where have you gone off track? Where do you want to get back on track? What committed action can you take today to get your life back on the “Got it” track? It only takes one small step to start moving towards what you want in life. What are you willing to do?

To your first step in getting back on track! Got It!!!

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