Do you lead from a place of purpose and vision? We are all leaders in our lives, whether we are leading ourselves or others. The real question is, how is your leadership style showing up when you lead? Do you lead with a true sense of purpose and know where you’re headed, regardless of how you get there, or are you more concerned with the doing and details that you lose site of the big picture?

When you get very clear with your purpose and your why for leading your own life or a group of others, the details of how to get to your desired outcome will fall into place. The universe will open up for you and align with you and resources will appear to assist you with your desired outcome.

Many leaders get stuck in telling others how to do tasks that they themselves have been successful at. However, that does not motivate others for very long. What motivates one internally and motivates others is a shared sense of purpose and vision. Have you thought about what your purpose is for leading your own life and with the groups that you have led lately?

Until you get clear about what your purpose is, you will stay stuck in the vicious cycle of doing to create results, and many times getting burned out, and burning others out. If you can clearly define your purpose, share it with others and have them align around it, the doing part of the action plan will magically fall into place.

If you would like to find out more information on leading from purpose and vision, check out Source Point Trainings Leadership Source. (www.sourcepointtraining.com) There you will find your Purpose and Vision and walk away with tools and a coach that will assist you to take massive action today to transform your life. I highly recommend the program to everyone!

Until my next blog … have a wonderful day finding your purpose and vision!

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