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What is Real Compassion?

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Do you have real compassion? I had several “ah-ha” moments this week about real compassion. I am not talking about the kind of compassion that we show to the sick and the poor, or those who are hurting. I would assert that many have seen and felt a deep level of compassion for the victims of the recent earthquake in Haiti.

While this type of compassion is important and helps all of us humans connect, I’m talking about a compassion that goes much deeper than this. What about compassion for those that it is easier to turn our backs on, the ones who rob and hurt us. What about compassion for them? I read a story this week in Judith Orloff’s book, Emotional Freedom, that really made me rethink the way I see people and compassion.

A woman had traveled to India to interview the Dalai Lama. While with the Dalai Lama, on the street she witnessed a man viciously beating a dog. When she asked the Dalai Lama about it, he said “Compassion means being sorry for the man as well as the dog.”

What is so profound here, is we not only need to extend compassion to the dog, but also to the man. Why you might ask, as I did when I first heard this story. What emotions must this man be feeling and going through that he would have the capacity to beat the dog in the first place? What deep pain and anger must be boiling and raging inside him, eating away at him, that he only knows to beat an animal. To show that man compassion, that is real compassion, to me.

Is it easy, of course not; the easy answer would be to have compassion just for the dog. It would be to turn our anger and rage towards the man. But what profound changes could you make in this world, if you stopped for just a second and showed compassion for the man too. What impact could you have on that man if you showed him real compassion. What anger and rage could you dissipate if you showed it compassion. Who do you know that you need to start having real compassion for, right now?

Creating Your Online Presence

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Are you ready to jump online? If you’re like me, you may have thought about having an online presence and probably read about or gone to a workshop that raved about all the great things an online presence can do for you or your business. Many have called it viral marketing.

Regardless of what path or avenue you’ve chosen to take, you may have had some trepidation about putting yourself or your company “online.” You may have thought, “my privacy will be violated,” “I won’t be able to control what others post about me,” “I don’t know how to create an online presence,” and on and on and on. Regardless of what conversation you have had with yourself, there is probably a pretty good chance you didn’t jump online with blind faith and throw up a bunch of pictures and personal information.

Well you’re not alone. Before I created my online presence I went to a few internet media workshops, did my research and figured out it was probably best that I had a presence online but I wasn’t sure where to start. I started talking with others and realized they were in the same boat as me. They wanted to have an online presence but had some fears around putting themselves online and didn’t know where to start.

So what to do know? Well as a coach, I can’t just let you be paralyzed by fear or analysis paralysis as I like to call it. As you can see from my results, I jumped online and created an online presence for myself. How? Actually it was easy, first I decided what I wanted my online presence to look like. I decided that a dedicated website and email was the first thing I wanted and second I wanted a Facebook fan page. If I decide later on that Twitter make sense, then I’ll join Twitter. At the moment, I know that’s probably too much for me to take on.

Once I decided what I wanted my online presence to look like, I had to take the first step to make my presence tangible. I got online and registered my domain name and email. Okay, this wasn’t so hard after all. Once I started taking small, easy steps it became so much easier. I started to take small steps weekly to create my online presence. After getting my webpage up, I then got my Facebook fan page up. I have now scheduled in weekly time to update both my blog on my webpage and my Facebook fan page.

What works for me is to slowly build up my online presence and not feel overwhelmed by thinking that my entire site must be built up with multiple posts and blogs before launching it. After a few weeks, I’ve been able to create a website, and Facebook fan page that already has a following.

So I challenge you, become aware of what fears are holding you back from jumping in and creating your online presence. Once you’re aware, are they really that large, can you quiet some of your fears by taking a small step, either by registering your domain name or creating a Facebook page? If you take a small step to grow your online presence right now, and another one next week, and commit to do that weekly, how quickly can you grow your online presence? Small habitual action steps can create tremendous results. What are you committed to doing right now to jump in? I look forward to ‘seeing’ you online!


Wednesday, February 10th, 2010
I’ve recently posted a new blog post on blogging and creating an online presence. Please check it out. If you have any ideas for a blog post feel free to email me via my Contact Me page. I would love to hear what topics you would like to read about in my weekly blog posts.

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